Gluten free AND Dairy free!!!! Sometimes when I hear those words I just think of bland, dry, crumbly bakes but you couldn't tell the difference at all between these and regular cakes!!!!!

The sponges are so light, fluffy and moist and I cannot believe they have been sent by post and have stayed so fresh!

The flavours are amazing and the biscotti sponges are to die for!

It must be so different being gluten intolerant/coeliac and dairy/lactose intolerant but now you have nothing to worry about because these cakes are insanely good and the variety available is generous! 

Talia S.

Instagram, little.fighting.tal

Fantastic cakes! I have tried several different flavours, & my favourite so far has to be the Cherry Bakewell. Would highly recommend.

Alan G.

I had the lemon curd slices which were amazing!!! They were so delicious, you get lots of them in the box and all perfect sizes! Everything was really well packaged too.

Emily R.